Where the river joins the sea

It’s a real tradition which starts from Porto Garibaldi.
The wide river Po splits itself in a delta river mouth and its waters get mixed with those of the Adriatic Sea. In this territory, wilderness, history, tradition, culture and art link each other while offering to the visitors a breath-taking and unique landscape. The Po’s delta is a still today a partially discovered environment representing a delicate balance between land and sea, as it was created by the river and preserved by the human beings. It’s a river that for centuries played so many different roles and that eventually became one of the contemporary most beautiful and interesting parks of the country. Our trip will also show us a transforming world, the impact of the on-going climate changes and the reasons behind the need to safeguard dump areas, which are real life incubators for much bigger territories.

Escursioni Delta del Po in motonave con Pranzo
Escursioni Delta del Po con Pranzo

Departure is scheduled at 9:00 a.m. from Porto Garibaldi and the return time will be at 2:30 p.m. We will spot the coast side of Comacchio’s lidos from the sea, the wide mussel beds outside Porto Garibaldi and we will sail towards the Po’s delta. There we will enter into an area encompassing various kinds of habitats: lagoons, which are very important for mussel farming, the river branches, rushes, dunes and the long sandy islands with their populated avifauna and extraordinary biodiversity.

The trip includes a 45-minute break at the Island of Love that in summertime will offer you the chance to make a refreshing bath.

3 course lunch on board. First dish will be risotto alla marinara, traditional dish of Carli’s cuisine (rice from Delta del Po IGP). The rice together with the Upper Adriatic flavours represents the bond between the human beings and our lands. The second course will be a generous state-of-the-art mixed fried fish with a side of French fries and zucchini. Last but not least, the dessert consisting of a traditional Ferrara’s donut. Water, wine and coffee are included in the price.

In case of unfavourable weather conditions, the itinerary may be changed. In case of rough sea, the trip will take place inside Comacchio’s valleys, an itinerary based in inland waters completely unaffected by any issue stemming from the wave motion. In case of rain, it is advisable to wear suitable clothes such as raincoat, umbrella, etc. During rainy days, it is often possible to live the Delta at its best.

Escursioni Delta del Po
Escursioni Delta del Po

Comacchio and its valleys

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