Nicola Carli

Motonave Porto Garibaldi

Since I was a child I cultivated a strong passion for the sea and I spent most my childhood on small fishing boats, fish nets, sailing boats and mackerel fishing. When I was 6, the Optimist was my favourite boat. I didn’t dislike the Europa either, although I wasn’t heavy enough for it. In 2003, at the age of 14, with my brand new Seaman’s book in my hands, I was ready for my first shipboard job.
After many summers spent on motorboats such as Glentor, Ciao Mare, Vincent, Delfinus, Bonasera and a cutter for weekly dive charter to Croatia, in 2007 my story with the motor ship Dalì and the Po’s delta finally begins.

Full name: Nicola Carli
Position: captain
Date and place of birth: 26th April 1988, Ravenna
City of residence: Porto Garibaldi
Zodiac sign: Taurus

Education: high school diploma obtained in 2007 by the Liceo Linguistico Canonici Mattei of Ferrara; skipper for local traffic and basic training courses IMO STCW ’95 done in 2008. Ship motorman certificate obtained in 2010. Bachelor’s degree in Geology (2015) released by the University of Ferrara.

Work experiences: for the past 12 years I have been the captain of the motorboat Dalì and I have been managing the scheduling and development of its trips. The university gave me the chance to have a deeper knowledge of Delta’s territory, its issues and vulnerability. I will tell you more about these aspects during our trips.

Hobbies and interest: I like travelling and discovering new places, photo shooting and boxing.

Favourite dishes: every dish made of fresh fish.

My thoughts about the Po’s delta: when I wake up in the morning and I get ready for a new trip to the delta, I feel very happy despite the hardness of the work itself. The delta is a “living” territory to be discovered by sailing through its waters and, if respected, it will unveil its true essence.

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