The valleys and its fiocinini

A relaxing afternoon in connection with the wilderness.

Comacchio’s valleys are the eel’s kingdom which becomes a “theatrical show” whose protagonists are the wilderness, the human beings and their relationship with the unstable balance of delta’s areas. The landscape releases flavours, knowledge, stories, atmosphere and traditions and transforms itself from dumpy (and therefore emarginated) land to an extraordinary balanced mixture of various elements.

It’s an environment that captured the attention of many writers and film directors, which chose Comacchio and its valleys as the setting for their novels or movies. The most notorious movie example is “La donna del fiume” starring Sofia Loren and directed by Mario Soldati.

Departure at 4:00 p.m. and return trip at 6:00 p.m., with appetizers on board.

The trip begins by sailing back the fairway of Magnavacca with a view on Porto Garibaldi’s fishing fleet, one of the most important harbours of the Adriatic Sea for bluefish fishing. We will then reach Fattibello’s valley where we will start to dive into an environment featuring wide examples of brackish water, crests, coastal dunes and islets. Some 13,000 hectares of slightly deep waters will allow us to rediscover the origins of the ancient delta where more than 2.500 years ago the first Etruscan civilisations started to settle down. These territories are also very much related to a significant economy of the past: that of Comacchio’s salt plants.

During this trip there will be the chance to make many fauna sightings: shelducks, mallard ducks, egrets, herons, cormorants, oystercatchers and pink flamingos will welcome us in their natural habitat.

The trip includes a typical appetizer which will be served on our way back to the harbour.

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