Motonave Porto Garibaldi


On Monday afternoon motorship Dalì left for a new activity. With a group of biologists from the association T.A.O that it deals with the protection and study of fish fauna, the motorship has dropped its moorings to free offshore Scaglia, a youth common turtle (Caretta caretta), who had been accidentally captured in Porto Garibaldi.      

Since this year the motor ship Dalì has been renewed further. We had an intense period of shipbuilding and maintenance to guarantee our guests the best. In addition to a great deal of attention for carrying out the excursions, a lot of work is to be done even during the winter and Dali, for this reason, almost never stops. This year in particular we have re-engineered the motor ship with two new engines supplied by the Boni company marine engines of Cesenatico, leader in marine propulsion in Italy.     Thanks to

With great joy, we communicate that from 25 May 2020 Dalì is ready to set sail for a new adventure in the Po Delta Park. We thank all the people we have received in these days asking for information on the restart and finally we have communicated the reopening. We will start sailing again with the spirit that has always distinguished us, because the nature of the Delta is always enchanting as if it were the first time.   Every morning departure at 9.30, day trip to the mouth of

It was a difficult time for everyone, but there was not a time when we stopped believing in this activity and all the improvement interventions we have carried out demonstrate it. With the exception of the more difficult weeks of the medical emergency due to Covid-19, during which we still worked from home, for all the other days we continued to work without wasting time. Today we can also communicate our restart and give you a definitely improved tour.  

Porto Garibaldi celebrates an important recurrence this year, his change of name from Magnavacca to Porto Garibaldi. The origin of this name according to historians derives from the Latin term "Maliabiccum" which is a place suitable for grazing cows. In the Chronic Parva of Ferrara (1180/1264) this village is called Cajavaccae or Majavaccae, in the statute of the same city it is indicated with the name of Portum Maiavache. Other hypotheses refer to the term "Magna-vacua", a large area of water or a vast area of land without crops

On 11 April 2019 was celebrated the “Day of the sea and of the marine culture”, established with the revision of the Nautical Code for develop the sea’s culture, to recognize the big cultural, scentific, recreative and economic value that this resource take care. On the occasion of the day the schools of the whole italian territory promote initiatives aimed at spreading the knowledge of the sea. Friday morning the students of the Institute Remo Brindisi were on board of the Motorship Dalì and other five sailing boats

The Po river is the largest Italian river, has a length of 650 km and drains the waters of 70,091 km2. The sediments carried by the river towards the Adriatic Sea have created one of the largest Delta systems in the whole Mediterranean. The Po Delta is considered relatively young (4 - 5 ky) and can be defined as a Delta dominated by both natural and anthropic processes. Since 1950 the Delta has been subject to a rapid degradation of the coast line due also to a reduction

The Po delta has achieved the important UNESCO MAB recognition not only for its undoubted environmental characteristics, but also for the balance that has characterized the relationship between man and the environment over the centuries, primarily through the anthropic activities that have allowed the survival of man in these places: fishing, fish farming, shellfish farming. In fact, by definition the UNESCO MAB Biosphere Reserves develop a commitment to sustainable development by identifying areas, terrestrial, coastal and marine ecosystems in which, through appropriate land management as well as socio-economic development, it is committed

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