Motonave Porto Garibaldi

Motonave dalì

Gita scolastica sul Delta del Po durante la giornata del mare

The day of the sea

On 11 April 2019 was celebrated the “Day of the sea and of the marine culture”, established with the revision of the Nautical Code for develop the sea’s culture, to recognize the big cultural, scentific, recreative and economic value that this resource take care. On the occasion of the day the schools of the whole italian territory promote initiatives aimed at spreading the knowledge of the sea. Friday morning the students of the Institute Remo Brindisi were on board of the Motorship Dalì and other five sailing boats for an offshore sailing about two hours with the patrol boat CP2085 and the Maritime Authority of Porto Garibaldi. Before the sailing the Coast Guard Commander of Porto Garibaldi, Vessel Lieutenant Francesco Luciani remembered that: “the purpose of the day is develop the awareness of the sea among the students” and at the berth all the partecipants asked when it can be repeated, this experience proving big interest on courses and activities of the Coast Guard, on the respect of the sea and the seamanship.

Also the Captain of the Dalì is very happy for this day: “The students were very interested, they asked many questions and someone of them want to do an activity linked to the sea”

This experience had a big social and cognitive value of one of the resources more important for the umanity: the sea.


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