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Nuova crescita delta del Po

A new growth for the Po delta

The Po river is the largest Italian river, has a length of 650 km and drains the waters of 70,091 km2. The sediments carried by the river towards the Adriatic Sea have created one of the largest Delta systems in the whole Mediterranean. The Po Delta is considered relatively young (4 – 5 ky) and can be defined as a Delta dominated by both natural and anthropic processes. Since 1950 the Delta has been subject to a rapid degradation of the coast line due also to a reduction of the sediments apported by the river. For this reason, many areas of the Delta coast become more vulnerable and subject to flooding from the sea.
Considering the last years between 2015 and 2017, aerial images show the growth of a small barrier island in front of the main Pila mouth. This recent development confirms a new growth of the coastline towards the sea after a series of floods that occurred between 2013 and 2015. It is therefore a phenomenon that bodes well for the future of the Delta and the stability of the coastal strip .
All the information regarding recent coastal developments is contained in the scientific publication: A. Ninfo, P. Ciavola and P. Billi (2018): “The Po Delta is restarting progradation: geomorphological evolution based on a 47 – years earth Observation dataset”.

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