Motonave Porto Garibaldi

Motonave dalì

biosfera delta del po - Escursioni Delta del Po da Porto Garibaldi

The relationship between man and environment in the Po Delta Biosphere

The Po delta has achieved the important UNESCO MAB recognition not only for its undoubted environmental characteristics, but also for the balance that has characterized the relationship
between man and the environment over the centuries, primarily through the anthropic activities that have allowed the survival of man in these places:
fishing, fish farming, shellfish farming. In fact, by definition the UNESCO MAB Biosphere Reserves develop a commitment to sustainable development by
identifying areas, terrestrial, coastal and marine ecosystems in which, through appropriate land management as well as socio-economic development, it is
committed to preserving the natural heritage and safeguarding the environment for future generations.

The Po Delta has applied for Biosphere Reserve under the UNESCO MAB program in 2013, integrating some specifications in 2014 and obtaining recognition in 2015.
The areas that are candidates to become Biosphere Reserves, should guarantee three fundamental and complementary functions between them: a development function,
to encourage and promote sustainable development, a function of conservation of landscapes, habitats, ecosystems, as well as of species and genetic diversity, a logistic and support function for research, monitoring, “policy testing”, education and training activities.

The candidacy of a territorial area for an international recognition sets in motion and feeds energy, interest and participation. These resources can
objectively lead to an improvement in the quality of life and the territorial context.

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